Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nokia 5800 Express Music

I had recently bought Nokia 5800 Express Music.
Its been around 3-4 months now, did a lot of R&D on the phone. Now i know some good and some bad things about Nokia 5800.

Since i bought it i have installed unlimited apps on it. Taking from simple apps to games to chat messengers to browsers to email clients to accelerometer based apps to full end themeing making it not less than a iphone :P.... thats to Symbian OS....

The Good points about this phone can be the wide screen(not as big as i-phone ;) )
Its battery backup... Once fully charged i am able to use it for 2 days with 24/7 wifi connected.
Symbian OS helps in finding apps easily...shortcut keys of nusic.. nice accelerometer and lot of other stuffs...
But all this can be done upto a certain limit.

First most disappointing step from Nokia was that Symbian V5 phones have no backward compatibility. So i had tough time searching for Apps for Symbian V5 :(

Secondly the touch sensitivity is not that good.. Nokia lacks in this... it does not have multi-touch, touch works best if you use stylus or use your nails not your full fingers...

Rest this phone is a good buy if someone is specific of buying Nokia only (like me) and wants a touch experience.