Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Windows Vs Linux

I always wanted write on this topic as this is a very hot topic of discussion in my class.

There are some ( i won't name them !!) who are totally ANTI-WINDOWS and i am anti to them.

I don't say linux is bad but i would say linux is better than windows in some aspects but windows is NOT BAD.

I am NOT anti-linux . I like linux and even use it primarily .
I find linux better than windows in many aspects. I am able to do many thing in linux that i can never think of doing in windows as windows is not made with a programmer in mind.

"Windows is for the end user and Linux is for the programmer."
This is the point that i always want to point out but there are some who don't listen.
For them working for windows is totally downgrading themselves.

I ask them if linux is so good then why is it not in every home. It is windows that is used in majority of systems worldwide (Thanks to microsoft).

So i would like to end by saying both LINUX and WINDOWS go hand in hand .
Both have their advantages and disadvantages !!.


Kazim Zaidi said...

Why won't you name them? A public blog can name people, as this won't be termed "backbiting".

I agree to you mostly. Yet there's something you misunderstood about me.

Before you start a flame bait, let me clarify my stand. I'm not Anti-Windows. No, not really. In fact, I've been a Windows Programmer once, and I've digged deep into secrets of windows registry too. :-P

But, I don't really like Microsoft. Actually, I've good enough reasons to hate the organization, its policies. I object to their way of doing bussiness.

Why? Unethical practices. Deprecating security in favor of features and publicity. Monopoly misuse. Anti-customer criminal (Implementing DRM , bad security are criminal acts).
Read an excellent voice here

Having said that, its natural to disdain the products of a company that you don't like. Would you use a Reliance phone if you (somehow) hate Reliance?

Comparing the two as an operating system, there are several measures.

User friendly - Windows scores. Linux is catching up. Like as you said, for a home user, things just work "out of the box" on Windows.

Security - Need I comment on this?

Robust - While Windows won't fail on everyday tasks, but when it does, it leaves you miserable. Linux scores.

Cost - okay, lets not consider it here.

Stability - Crash-a-day experiences. Must-format-in-a-month experiences. Linux clearly scores. A Linux system keeps working the same for years.

As you pointed out, Linux and Windows have their own shortcomings and features. Windows is actually a good operating system, and clearly the choice for home user. Even I won't suggest Linux to a kid and spoil his precious childhood.

I made a comparison as an operating system. To conclude, I'm not anti-Windows. I'm anti-Microsoft.

Does that ward off your fears?

Waseem Ahmad said...

Linux is better than Windows in some aspect...[snip]..
I find Linux better than windows in many aspects.
So there are some aspects in which windows is better than Linux. OK Asheesh then tell me apart from the so called user friendliness what are the aspects in which windows is better than Linux? I agree that that Linux is designed keeping a programmer in mind. But check out the Suse, or the latest Ubuntu which have took user friendliness in Linux to a new level.
[line_from_blog]For them working for(or on) windows is totally downgrading there selves[line_from_blog]Yeah that's true. I totally agree with Kazim "We are not against windows, We are against Microsoft(because of its policies)" and I will love to add it's not about Windows vs Linux it's about Microsoft's vs Us.
[line_from_blog]It's windows that is used in majority of systems worldwide[/line_from_blog] Please correct it from systems to Desktop PC's.