Sunday, February 27, 2011

Transfering SMS from Symbian to Android

So finally i have my Android. The first thing anyone wants to do with the new phone is to transfer contacts, messages and calender. So now the problem started for me. HTC has a app to transfer data from your old phone but it somehow didnt work for me as expected.  Contacts and calender was successfully tranfered but whenever i tried to transfer messages, it used to fail without giving any reason.

I have 500 odd messages which i wanted to keep, so couldn't leave them on my old phone. The primary reason for unable to transfer messages could be the difference in way the messages r stored by symbian and android.

I googled and found many sites giving the steps to do the same (a lot of steps, do this and do that). Finally i found an easier way. So here it goes...
Now the steps:

On Nokia Phone :
  1. Synchronize messages from your phone with OVI. 
  2. Disconnect your phone and close the OVI suite(exit the application).
On Computer:
  1. Extract Nokia2AndroidSMSto a folder
  2. Run Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe
  3. This application automatically find all datastores created by OVI Suite, else you can drag n drop the datastore from windows explorer to the application
  4. You can select the phone by IMEI or select all phones.
  5. Preses convert button and you will have an xml file in the same folder.
On Android Phone:
  1. Install SMS Backup & Restore
  2. Connect phone to PC (as disk drive)
  3. Copy the xml file to SMSBackupRestorefolder in the root of diskdrive.
  4. Run SMS Backup & Restore and import messages.
Now you have all the messages from your Symbian phone on your New Android :)

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