Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mac OSX on DELL Inspiron 1525

I am finally writing after such a long time. It was just that i was too busy with LIFE. But now here comes another post for my Dell 1525 :)

I always wanted to use MAC to see why everyone is so fond of a MAC. I didn't wanted to buy a macbook for that, so i adopted a hack ;).
This post is only for Educational Purposes and i have no responsibility of anyone using this article and pirating MAC.

It took me many months to finally install and run MAC on my Dell, and i took many months not because its that tough, it was just because i used to do it one in a week or 10 days whenever i used to get time. Whenever i used to get time form my daily office routine i used to google for some blogs etc or download a cracked mac on torrent, burn it and try. I can't even count how many times i have formatted my disk for all this.(I think it was more than 20-25 times).I used to bookmark any site i got, and used to try the hack. Finally after many tries, many formats, many tweeks with my bios, i was finally able to install MAC

I had to search so many articles etc but it was fun, learnt how to do it. Its been 3-4 months i had installed Mac. I use it whenever i have free time, not as my primary OS. But somehow i never liked MAC so much(may be i am rigid as my friend shamail says so), i never got that feeling of "Oh wow.. what on OS". For me its like any other OS with good looks. First of all i had a lot of problems learning the new shortcuts. I am a kind of person who uses mouse very less unless m feeling lazy, so not knowing the shortcuts was the main reason i found it difficult to use, but thanks to a Apple's Fan and my dear friend Shamail, i got to know many of them on chat ;)

But still i will say MAC is good but its not like something extraordinary.
Now i will continue to use MAC and lets see if my taste for MAC improves or not :)


Shamail said...

Well !

I was expecting a writeup on how you did it, atleast instructions specific to your make and model.

Just 1 question..
How is fedora and vista going on? ;-) haha!

Asheesh Varshneya said...

Ya was planning for that also but didn't get time.
and yes my fedora, vista all rocks ;)